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This beautiful Swedish Christmas Card depicts what Swedish Christmas Traditions look like. And this Swedish Christmas card is cleverly done with a die-cut or “peekaboo” card, where when the front of the card is closed, one cannot see where the “peekaboo” is.
However, when the card is opened, it reveals where the die-cut is on the left side. On the right inside of the card is another unique image related to the front of the card.

The inside of the card, other than the print and cut-out spot, has been left blank. There is plenty of room to write whatever you’d like.

This card is perfect to give to anyone who is Swedish, or loves Sweden. While it doesn’t have any words in Swedish, this printed card was created by Pia Malmros, a Swedish artist.

Details about the card:
• Card measures 4 and 1/8th by 5 7/8th inches/A6 size.
• Watercolor card in paper with a punched-out area on the front that leads to an image on the inside.
• Blank inside card.
• Includes protective sleeve and white envelope

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