British Red Phone Booth Gift Tags | Free Shipping | Set of 12

$14.00 Incl sales tax


Bright Red British Phone Booths once graced nearly every block on the London’s sidewalks as well as throughout Britain.

These British Red Phone Booth Gift Tags were created to honor these stylish and unique British legends and to give that extra touch to your gift-giving.

British Phone Booth on all white coco-tafoya-_Q0dP8xiUGA-unsplash copy
Each set of these British Red Phone Booth Gift Tags is comprised of twelve 2-inch by 3.5-inch cardstock tags, accompanied by 12 pieces of string to tie the gift tags to your gift.

The British Red Phone Booth image on each gift tag is clear and crisp and just might find your recipient saving it as a keepsake of this iconic symbol of England.

Your gift tags will be shipped in a protective cellophane sleeve and enclosed in a sturdy cardboard mailing envelope to keep your tags from bending as they travel through the U.S. mail to you.

Please note: There are no exchanges, returns, or refunds on this product. However, if you encounter delivery problems or delays, please send me a message so I can work to resolve any issues.