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Many things I love, but two in particular: Christmas and France.

What to do?

Well, I put them together on a Christmas card so I can selfishly enjoy the holiday, in hopes that you love Christmas and France too and will want one for yourself or to gift it to someone who would enjoy receiving it.

You’ll find ornaments such as Château de Versailles (Palace of Versailles), a beret, table et chaises de café (cafe table and chairs), Coco’s perfume, lipstick, Mona Lisa and Napoleon in a seasonal mood, bits of les fromages (cheeses), baguettes, champagne, pain aux raisin, Buche de noel (yule log), an eclair, Notre Dame, croissants, a scooter, L’arc de Triomphe (The Triumphal Arch), the Louvre, and the French flag for garland. All held up by La tour Eiffel and meant to put you or someone you’re fond of in the Christmas spirit.

This Christmas pièce de résistance card is meant especially for those who love France but chances are, won’t be getting there this Christmas.

The card stands 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall and comes ready for you to write your Christmas greeting – perhaps in French if you’re brave enough? Ho, ho, ho, mais, oui? Tu peux le faire! You can do it.

It also comes with a red envelope, about the color of a traditional French beret.

I had so much fun creating this card. It’s one of the happiest cards I’ve made because it has everything on it that I love about France.
Because, to quote Sabrina, Paris is always a good idea!

Please note that the card will not have the diamond watermark in it. It is in place only to protect my work.
Enjoy/Prendre plaisir!