Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. — Author Unknown

Time. We’ve been told it is a gift. Not to be squandered, for no one knows when the amount of sand in each of our hour glasses will run out.

I believe there is much to absorb in an ordinary day. How the light hits the snow, the angle of shadow on a flower’s petal, the pink and yellow hues at the dawn of a new day.

Just today, for instance, someone posted on her Instagram a peaceful image of her home’s little coffee station. It made me feel as though I were about to join her for a cup of brew.

My newest release, Kissing the Shoreline: Quotes and Reflections to Live By (buy book) is a compilation of quotes I have collected over the years. Some are funny, some sad. Others have prompted me to write an entire chapter in a book. This little collection, as I mention in the book’s foreword, are the observations, ponderings, and turns-of-phrases of people who have influenced me through the years.

It is my hope, whether through my quote book or my book on gratitude, BlessBack®: Thank Those Who Shaped Your Life,(buy book) or by reading my blog, that you will come away knowing that each day we are alive is a day that will never come in exactly the same way again.

Grab hold of this day and find the treasure in it that awaits you. Thanks for stopping by.


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